Back in the Dam (take 1)

So I went back to Amsterdam this weekend for the first time since the “big move” to Paris.  Arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday night and headed back to Paris on Sunday afternoon.

Was good to be back and catch up on things, like the mail.  I ordered a new t-shirt which they wouldn’t deliver to France with a Dutch credit card, so I waited 4 weeks to collect it back in Amsterdam 😦

But it was worth it:

Friday was pretty busy.  I was in work, and supposed to be working, but I actually spent all my time in meetings and catching up with people.  I managed to create a spreadsheet and fill in about 10 rows by the end of the day.  It didn’t help that someone had taken the power cables for my coding PC.

I had lots of “so how are you enjoying Paris?” conversations, and think that maybe I’m not making the most of it.  Next weekend I have to do stuff.  I’m not sure quite what, but I’ll do “something.”  I still have plans to head down towards Marseille at some point.

The high point of the day was having a reasonably coherent conversation in French with Solena, who tried to help me to learn a little while I was still based in Amsterdam.  She certainly wasn’t speaking at full speed, but I have definitely improved which is strange as I don’t normally speak much French although I hear a lot at work.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty quiet.  Headed in to Amsterdam on Saturday and did some shopping.  I never thought that I’d say that buying stuff in Amsterdam is cheap (not compared to the UK for sure), but it’s way better than Paris, so I stocked up on a few things that I needed then got bored and went home.  But before I got home I saw a pigeon with no feet!  Poor pigeon.

Sunday was kinda similar, except there were some marching bands heading through the city to Dam Square so I took a few photos, then found a nice place to have lunch in the 9 Straatjes before heading home and packing all my stuff into my suitcase.

Next time I’m back I need to plan my time a lot better. This weekend was the Open Monument day, but I didn’t know beforehand.  Next time I need to do my homework.

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