Of all the Ikeas in all the world, I had to walk into one that’s identical to all the others


Another ritual of moving in to a new apartment is complete, the trip to Ikea to stock up on cheap-ish home accessories.  So I know have some sharp knives, and a chopping board that isn’t green and moldy.

I’m still on the hunt for dinner spoons (I have loads and loads of forks and knives, but no spoons), and an induction-hob-safe frying pan, salt and pepper shakers/mills and a garlic press.  Otherwise I think I’m set, so let the cooking begin!

Tomorrow I’m heading to the biggest Indian supermarket in Paris to buy some spices and some fresh chillies (which aren’t available in normal shops!)  So I’m looking forward to cooking curry on Sunday




So now I have a bank account that I’ll only need for my mobile phone contract.  After a 90 minute ordeal, I managed to get a current account and debit card for the bargain price of €8 per month with a free “Premium” savings account thrown in.

I can’t fault the customer service of HSBC, just their computer system which seemed to do things that the employees didn’t expect.

Oh well, hope that I won’t need to use it much.

On the up side, it was really easy once they’d figured out where I was domiciled, where I payed tax, and where to send correspondance.


So I arrived in Paris 3 days ago for an 8 month stay.  Coming from Amsterdam, it’s a much bigger city so I’m hoping there are lots of interesting things waiting for me to discover.

Arriving on Sunday maybe wasn’t the best planning, as it was after 6pm by the time I got to the apartment and unloaded all my worldly possessions (at least the ones that I considered important enough to bring with me).  That meant no food shopping and only the possibility of take away, but I like take away once in a while.

Hopefully I’ll keep updating with the weird, wonderful and mundane that I find in Paris, and hopefully doing it helps me enjoy the city.